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Friday, December 19, 2003

More on A-Rod Deal: In an update to my post yesterday, here are some more articles on the A-Rod deal, which has been blocked by the players' union and pronounced "dead" by the Red Sox. The New York Times, ESPN, the Sports Business News, the Boston Globe, and the Dallas Morning News have stories on the deal.

CNN also has an article stating that the union had no choice but to block the deal.

My response to this is that while it is the job of the union to protect all of its members, how much protection to players really need when the minimum salary is $300,000 a year? Shouldn't unions be for protecting workers that are really in need of protection? This claim of "protection" is really no more than greed disguised as a labor dispute-- Alex Rodriguez will make $252 million in the next ten years and there is no way he should not be allowed to reduce that to a meager $222 million if all parties agree. In the mean time, professional baseball has again proven why it has lost tremendous popularity in the last ten years -- the game has once again taken a back seat to money.

The Boston Globe and the Sports Business News both have articles on the legality of what the union is doing.

ESPN Insider (subscription required) has an article stating that the Player's Association is missing the point.


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