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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Bush Gives Anti-Drug Message in the State of the Union: In his State of the Union address, President Bush called upon leaders of professional sports leagues and teams to stop the use of performance-enhancing drugs by their athletes. As role models, Bush said, professional athletes must set examples that goals should be achieved through hard work, not by cheating.

Update: More from Reuters, ESPN and the Sports Business Daily (subscription required).

Major League Baseball has also backed the President's message. You can view Commissioner Selig's message here. Numerous worldwide anti-drug officials have also applauded the President's strong stance.

However, it is not so clear that the player's unions were quite as supportive of the message. Said Gene Upshaw, President of the NFLPA, "I don't know who Bush is talking about, but he's not talking about the NFL, because we've already dealt with steroids, performance-enhancing drugs and all of that." Read more from the Associated Press.

You can view the entire text of the speech here.


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