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Monday, January 12, 2004

Update on Stringer v. NFL: The widow of Korey Stringer, the Vikings tackle who died in 2001 from heat exhaustion at training camp, has filed an opposition to motion to dismiss in the Southern district of Ohio. The NFL claims that, due to the collective bargaining agreement, her complaint can only be resolved through arbitration. Stringer argues, however, that the CBA does not cover this situation, and thus, is not applicable. This month's Andrews Entertainment Industry Litigation Reporter has more. You can also read my earlier post about the Stringer case here.

You can peruse the collective bargaining agreement, but be warned, it is 255 pages long. Probably the two most relevant articles are X (injury grievances) and XLIV (medical care and treatment).

The CBA is also being challenged in the Clarett case. You can read my earlier posts here and here.