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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Using Sex to Recruit?: The Boulder (CO) District Attorney has accused the University of Colorado of using sex parties to recruit star athletes, especially in football, the Denver Post reported Thursday. The allegation came in a deposition given this past October in a case involving a former Colorado student who says she was raped in 2001 at a party with players and recruits.

Not surprisingly, the university is denying this claim, but the media and the governor are calling for a full investigation.

Do top-tier athletic departments use sex to recruit star athletes? It certainly would not be surprising, especially considering the amount at stake for top boosters and coaches. If a team gets the top athletes, it wins championships. If it does not, the school often misses out on the championships, top Bowl games and media attention that accompanies winning teams. It is of little surprise that athletic departments (and I doubt Colorado is alone here) use any means necessary to convince star athletes that their school is the best, athletically and socially. This does not make the practice any better, but if the NCAA steps in, it must remember that Colorado most likely is not the only school to use such a practice.