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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Colorado Coach Placed on Paid Leave: In the continuing saga of the Colorado football recruiting scandal, head coach Gary Barnett has been placed on paid administrative leave, not because of the alleged sex parties used to get recruits, but rather because of statements he made two days ago concerning a former Buffalo kicker, a female who claims she was raped at one of the parties. In responding to the woman's allegations, Barnett's comments focused solely on the fact that she was not talented as a placekicker, leading many to believe he was insensitive to the allegations swirling around his program. Barnett has since apologized, but this has only served to pour fuel onto the fire at Colorado.

This looks to be a very big blunder by Barnett, who up until now had escaped blame for something he surely must have known about. However, by making these statements he has given the university an opportunity to make him the scapegoat for the entire affair. Will Barnett be fired? It is looking more like yes. Colorado could not have fired him solely for knowing about the sex parties, because then nearly every Division I coach would have to go, but now he has given them another reason, and the school most likely will take it.


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