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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

More Problems for Clarett?: Maurice Clarett may have bigger problems than just the extra benefits given to him by Robert Dellimuti, which resulted in his suspension from the University. is reporting, based on cell phone records it has obtained, that Dellimuti is a frequent gambler and placed numerous bets leading up to last year's Fiesta Bowl, in which Ohio State defeated Miami for the National Championship. The NCAA frowns heavily on any contact between an athlete and an established gambler, for obvious reasons.

Now, this may just be a coincidence, considering the fact that thousands of people every year bet on sporting events. But it is more negative press for Clarett, who is drawing closer not only to losing his lawsuit with the NFL, but also not having a college game to rely on as a backup. Will Ohio State want to take a chance on a player who (1) has spoken out against the University, (2) may have taken payment from a gambler and (3) has not played football for a year? The answer is still up in the air, but the smart money is on "no."