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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

NBA Union to Decide on Baker Today: The NBA Union will decide by today what action, if any, it will take in the case of Vin Baker, who was released by the Celtics last week. The union is trying to determine if Baker's signing with another team will interfere with the union's action against the Celtics on his behalf. The union filed a grievance after the Celtics declared Baker "unfit to play" for missing ten consecutive games due to substance-abuse related problems.

The Tacoma (WA) News Tribune has an entertaining editorial discussing the absurdity of the situation:

"Please imagine a business enterprise in which an employee could perform dramatically below expectations, violate terms of a contract to which he once agreed, cause himself to be terminated for his actions ... and then expect his employer to cough up $36 million as a parting gift."

The Boston Globe questions (1) why Baker would jeopardize his $30 million grievance against the Celtics to sign for the veteran minimum and (2) why another team would want Baker. I don't know about Baker's motives but other teams will take on a big man who can (sometimes) rebound, no matter his problems. And we all love second chances, right? I mean, look at the coverage John Daly is getting.


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