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Friday, February 27, 2004

Sex Consent Forms for Athletes: In another disturbing sign of the times, Protect Condoms, Inc has begun selling sex-consent forms for athletes and others. The company, whose slogan is "Protect your ass-ets," has sold about 4000 forms at $8 each. Such a form was parodied by comedian Dave Chapelle on his Comedy Central television show earlier this year.

Boy, there is nothing more romantic than asking someone to sign a consent form in the heat of the moment, but I suppose if you are an NBA star, you don't always have to worry about "setting the mood." Users of the form should keep in mind, though, that (1) contracts signed by someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol may not be binding, (2) a contract signed by someone through coercion is not binding and (3) be careful not to misrepresent yourself in getting the person to sign it. I wonder if this includes misrepresentation of abilities or qualities? The potential jokes here seem to be endless.


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