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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Baseball News: It has been a day since I posted, so a news update is needed:

Major League Baseball has banned THG, the steroid that is the center of the BALCO controversy. The FDA classified THG as an illegal drug in the Fall. But the Washington Post thinks the ban may be ineffective because new drugs are right around the corner.

Continuing on the drug front, Murray Chass writes of the obstacles Bud Selig is facing, most notably the players union, in trying to fight the drug problem in baseball. The Sports Business Daily (subscription required) reports that Selig may use his "best interests of the game" powers to institute stricter drug testing policies for players. But, at least one major league player says that testing must be done by an independent party, with the owners taking no part.

The Chicago Tribune outlines past uses of the "best interest" clause by Major League Baseball commissioners, saying that its effectiveness often depends on the strength of the leader.

And, in contrast to what I wrote last week about American fans' indifference to off-field troubles, Reuters reports that many European football fans care deeply about the off-field actions of athletes.


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