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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Breaking News: From ESPN:

    A federal judge knocked down a lawsuit that sought pension and medical benefits for a group of former major league players who claimed they were shortchanged by the league because they are white. U.S. District Judge Manuel Real's decision Monday was a victory for the league, which argued that the former players were essentially looking for a handout they didn't deserve.

    The proposed class-action lawsuit -- filed last year against commissioner Bud Selig, the league and its 30 teams -- stemmed from baseball's decision in 1997 to grant a $10,000 annual pension to some former black players who played in the Negro Leagues and for major league teams, even though they were never vested under the former requirements.

    The lawsuit argued that the former players -- nearly all white -- are entitled to the same benefits as their counterparts in the Negro Leagues.

More later on this decision. Thanks to the Sports Economist and reader Lewis Shaw for the tip.


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