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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Female Athletes Sue Baylor: Seven members of the women's crew team have filed suit against Baylor University, claiming a Title IX violation after the school failed to elevate the team to varsity status.

    The suit claims Baylor doesn't provide enough opportunity or appropriate funding for women's intercollegiate athletics. Specifically, the rowers contend the school has ignored their request for varsity intercollegiate status that would include athletic scholarships and also failed to provide sufficient coaching or equipment.

Under Title IX, a university is not required to respond or even entertain requests from any club sport, male or female. The only requirement is that the opportunities available for male and female athletes are "substantially proportional," as is the amount of money allocated to each gender. Baylor can even have a male crew team and not a female crew team, although with the amount of money and scholarships consumed by football, this is rarely the case.


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