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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Price Sues Alabama President: With his lawsuit against Sports Illustrated in appeal, former Alabama football coach Mike Price has sued Alabama president Robert Witt, accusing him of fraud and misrepresentation in the events that led to his firing. Price is not suing Witt in his official capacity, as a similar suit was dismissed last year. Rather, he is going after Witt as an individual, claiming that he presented a slide show to the Board of Trustees that "created, assembled and presented to intentionally and maliciously place (Price) in a false light." The article describes the slide show:

    The slides, a parody of a MasterCard advertising campaign, show images of a golfer, a bucket of golf balls and a bottle of bourbon, with their respective costs, followed by the statement: "Failing to give a tip for services. Then, having your business credit card stolen after breakfast. By hookers. Who run up an enormous tab. Priceless."

Price was subsequently dismissed by the university and now seeks damages. Mr. Witt's attorney called the lawsuit baseless and suggested that Price should "move on" rather than calling "continued attention to his embarrassing conduct."


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