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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Why Today Should Be a National Holiday: Today marks the beginning of the NCAA Tournament, and I for one think everyone should be granted a holiday from work to be able to watch the greatness of March Madness. Why should today be a holiday?

- The first round proves that no matter how much of an underdog you are, you can still beat the toughest opponent.
- Most of the players you will see are true student-athletes that will "be a professional in something other than sports." There is nothing more inspiring than seeing someone play because they love the game.
- Princeton proves that you can be smart and still be good at basketball.
- The break between Martin Luther King Day and Memorial Day is just too long. This would break it up nicely for those that do not get President's Day.
- President's Day? Is that still a holiday?
- Records do not matter. Everything is focused on the present moment.
- Somewhere, future Senators, judges, CEOs and community service professionals are painting their faces and cheering like mad for their alma mater. In fact, some current members of those professions may be doing the same.


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