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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Clarett Team Files Brief: The lawyers for Maurice Clarett, including at least one reader of this blog, filed their brief yesterday in the 2nd Circuit. I have not been able to find a copy of the brief, but USA Today excerpts it as follows:

    "While Major League Baseball teams spend an average of $9 million annually for the minor league system, the NFL teams spend virtually nothing on a player development system," Clarett's lawyers wrote in a legal brief. "NFL teams take no financial risk ... all the risk is on the player. College football is a willing partner in this arrangement, as it generates millions of dollars for colleges without their having to incur player salaries."

In other Clarett news, the NCAA filed an amicus brief earlier this week. In a statement explaining the NCAA's position, Myles Brand said:

    "If not reversed, this decision is likely to unrealistically raise expectations and hopes that a professional football career awaits graduation from high school and that education can therefore be abandoned. The result could be a growing group of young men who end up with neither a professional football career nor an education that will support their life plans."

On the sports side of things, Clarett's draft status is up in the air, as a number of teams are questioning his talent (with only one year by which to judge) and his maturity level.


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