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Monday, April 19, 2004

Life would be so much easier. . . if I didn't like sports. Sports are more than just a hobby- they dictate our schedules, manipulate our emotions and influence entire days. Sure, I am supposed to be reading for Tax class. But what's going on in the NHL playoffs? Yes, I should be writing the memo for my boss. But I have to check on the stats of my fantasy team.

How much more time would I have if I was not consumed by sports? I took the first day of the NCAA tournament off -- I mean, I already think it should be a national holiday. Was I productive during my off day? Absolutely, if you count ten hours of intense tournament action as productive. A week ago, I was supposed to be working on an article I am writing. But how could I not watch Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els duel it out in the Masters final round? This weekend- Yankees/Red Sox all three days, and in the interim, NBA and NHL play-offs.

On average, sports probably consume 2-3 hours of my time each day. This includes checking sports websites, watching SportsCenter or PTI, watching games, or writing posts on this site. Two to three hours a day. That's 18 hours a week. 75 hours a month. Over nine hundred hours a year. Imagine if I devoted that time to learning, or researching, or writing. I could learn entire languages, immerse myself in the writings of the classic authors or master areas of the law I had never before imagined.

How much easier would life be? I wouldn't have to plan my schedule around the Super Bowl, college basketball games, the British Open or the World Series. Weekend afternoons would be free year-round. There would be no fights over watching a movie versus Monday Night football. I wouldn't have a day of mourning following the elimination of my favorite team, nor a day of headaches after a night spent celebrating victory. My blood pressure wouldn't rise and fall with the score of an NBA game. My carpet wouldn't have a soda stain from the celebration of a made field goal. I would never get into any arguments over the greatest outfielders in baseball history, or the best quarterbacks for a fourth quarter comeback. My hands would have no blisters from golf clubs or a tennis racket. Most of all, I wouldn't have to spend hours a day checking scores, comparing stats and analyzing the amazing performances of gifted athletes.

Yes, life would be easier if I didn't like sports. But it sure would be boring.


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