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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Yankees: No Way Jersey: New Jersey has expressed an interest in bringing a baseball team to the Meadowlands, but they may face substantial opposition. Major League Baseball has said that New Jersey is not on the list of candidates for a team. In addition, the Yankees have expressed strong opposition to a team in the Garden State, for obvious reasons.

Could the New York area support three teams? It supports three hockey teams, one in Manhattan, one on Long Island and one at the Meadowlands. It also supports two football teams and two basketball teams as well. Attendance wise, baseball falls in between basketball/hockey and football, at about 40,000 a game. Season wise, though, there are twice as many baseball games in a season than basketball/hockey, and ten times more than football. This makes a large difference in the total number of fans that need to be attracted to a team to make it successful. Combine that with the current success of the Yankees and you see a difficult road ahead for a New Jersey baseball team.


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