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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Clarett Not Giving Up: As expected, the legal team for Maurice Clarett will continue the struggle in the wake of Monday's unfavorable decision. Clarett will file a motion to have the case heard en banc, or by the entire 2nd Circuit. If that motion is denied, then the team will appeal the case to the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the player lost in the shuffle is Southern California's Mike Williams. Williams awaits the final outcome of the Clarett case, but has begun the process of seeking reinstatement of the NCAA. Unlike Clarett, Williams has the full support of his former team, who would welcome him back with open arms. Williams may also file an individual lawsuit against the NFL, claiming the league fed him misinformation that led to his decision to turn pro.

Meanwhile, the NFL and the NFLPA appear to have learned a lesson from this legal struggle and are making plans to make the draft rule more explicit. Both sides hope to write the rule into the next Collective Bargaining Agreement, rather than just leaving it in the bylaws. Many legal writers (including myself) believe that this would not even be a close case if the rule was actually in the CBA.


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