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Monday, May 17, 2004

How Sports Affects the Law: Not only does the law affect sports, but sports can have a major impact on the law. In the wake of the acquittal of Jayson Williams (read more here), the state of New Jersey is pushing to get a new homicide charge written into the law. A charge of "criminally negligent homicide" would be easier to prove and carry lighter penalties than aggravated or reckless manslaughter.

The proposed law change comes as a direct result of the media attention the trial received. There have undoubtedly been similar cases in New Jersey before that did not bring about legal reform. While many view with disdain the great deal of attention celebrity trials receive, perhaps this case shows one ancillary benefit: potential reform. Only by placing the law and the judicial process under a microscope can changes come about that could have long-standing benefits for society. Sports trials produce this microscope, and in the process, help to change the law.


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