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Sunday, May 23, 2004

NFL Labor News:

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin has a reputation for being a disciplinarian, but the players union and the league think he went too far this off-season. After "seven to ten" players lodged complaints with the league, the NFL responded by penalizing the team two days of organized work-outs next week. According to league rules, every team is allowed a maximum of 14 organized team activity days during the offseason. Each day is to last a maximum of six hours, with no more than two hours spent on the field.

In Cleveland, quarterback Tim Couch has filed a grievance with the union because the team has forbidden him from partaking in offseason work-outs with the team. Couch remains under contract, but the team has been trying to trade him since it signed Jeff Garcia to be its starting quarterback. Couch's agent contends in the complaint that by not being able to practice, Couch will not be prepared for the 2004 season, no matter what team he joins. The matter will go before an arbitrator unless a resolution is reached.


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