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Monday, May 17, 2004

No Charges in CU Scandal: Colorado officials have said that no charges will be filed in the recruiting sex scandal centered on the University of Colorado. A special task force reviewed the allegations and the evidence before deciding not to take criminal action.

But does this signify the end of the scandal? Many think the answer is no and that many people in the administration should be fired. I agree that there seems to be a problem at Colorado and that the athletic department should be held more responsible for these actions. But, anyone who thinks this problem stops at Colorado, or stops at the football team, is sorely mistaken. While statistics vary from study to study, a great number of women are raped or have an "unwanted sexual experience" while in college. Most of these result from heavy use of alcohol. Thus, the Colorado story should signal to all campus administrators, as well as athletics officials, of this growing problem on campus. While this scandal broke publicly, there are countless other incidents that go unreported. College administrators, athletics officials and students should work together to change the culture on college campuses, so that the problem of sexual assault decreases, rather than growing out of control.


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