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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Supreme Court Passes on Ravens Dispute: The Supreme Court declined a chance to hear an appeal in a copyright dispute between the Baltimore Ravens and an artist who claimed the team stole his idea for the team's logo. In the first trial, a jury held that the team did indeed use the artist's idea.

This case arose out of a follow-up trial two years later, when a new jury ruled that despite the conversion, the artist was not entitled to a share of the team's merchandising revenues. The artist appealed, arguing several procedural errors, including that the court "erroneously failed to accord him the benefit of a statutory presumption that an infringer’s revenues are entirely attributable to the infringement." The Court of Appeals held against the artist in the ruling that now stands.

You can access the complete 4th Circuit opinion in Bouchat v. Baltimore Ravens at this link.


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