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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Bengals Fan Sues Team: A former Bengals season ticket holder has sued the team, seeking a declaration that he does not owe over $40,000 after canceling his season tickets.

    Even though Menne told the team to cancel his season tickets knowing he would be forfeiting the $600 that he paid to buy the right to purchase four season tickets, the Bengals maintained Menne still owed $46,180 -- the cost of his four seats for eight years, even though he canceled them after only two years.

    Still unsure whether the letter was for real, Menne called the Bengals and was told that unless he paid them the entire $46,180, the team would sue him.

    Others who canceled their club seat season tickets faced the same problem, and some were even threatened that the bills would be sent by the team to a collection agency.

    Instead, a suit on behalf of the ticket holders was filed against the Bengals, accusing the team of changing the rules after the game started and harassing fans who canceled season tickets.

The judge has ruled, though, that the dispute must be settled in arbitration, as per the terms of the seat license agreements signed by the ticket purchasers.

Read the entire article for the details of the seat licenses.


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