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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Baseball Arbitration Summary

The baseball arbitration "season" came to a close last week in Tampa, in advance of the beginning of spring training. For those unfamiliar with the arbitration process, I give a brief explanation in this post last year. Only three cases went to trial this year (a new low), with the owners winning two and Twins pitcher Kyle Lohse emerging as the lone players' victor. But don't feel bad for those on the field. The remainder of the 86 players settled prior to hearings, with an average salary increase of 123 percent. The average salary for all 89 players will be $2.8 million per season, which is down from $3.26 million last year, but still represents a hefty sum. The big winners were Lohse ($2.4 million, up 508 percent), Reds outfielder Adam Dunn ($4.6 million, up 934 percent) and Colorado pitcher Jason Jennings ($3.5 million, up 929 percent). You can read more in this LA Times article.


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