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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Professor Gregory Bowman's Law Career Blog

Many Sports Law Blog readers are law students or recent law school graduates. If they represent a typical sample of those two groups, then many of them 1) find law school life to be somewhat peculiar and 2) aren't sure what they want to do with their law degrees. Granted, they are well aware of the kinds of jobs they are supposed to aspire to (for example, see left), but for whatever reason, there is a disconnect between those "great expectations" and what they really want to do--even if they can't express or imagine what they really want to do. It can be like staring into the Great Abyss, and not knowing whether to step into it, keep staring at it, or to walk away from it . . . all the while sending out resumes and preparing for on-campus interviews by going on firm websites (where you can learn about each firm's doubtlessly "dynamic" summer associate program, or how each firm excels at training and mentoring and balancing life and work and. . . well, you get the picture).

I am pleased to recommend a new blog that examines these issues: Law Career Blog, authored by Professor Gregory Bowman of Mississippi College School of Law. Law Career Blog tackles the culture and happenings of law school, while providing insight on law careers and alternative career options for lawyers. The posts are thorough and engaging, and Greg's experience lends valuable insight: prior to becoming a tenure-track law professor last year, he had practiced for nine years, primarily in the Chicago and Washington D.C. offices of Baker & McKenzie. He now teaches International Business Law, International Law, National Security Law, and Administrative Law.

I encourage you to take a look. Only a month-old, Law Career Blog has already explored a number of thought-provoking topics:

Law School Life and Careers

Current Debates in Law


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