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Saturday, June 17, 2006
Justice Alito's Pitching Arm?

Any readers in Philadelphia? I'd love to hear a report on Sunday's Phillies-Devil Rays game, at which Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito will throw the first pitch. Will Justice Alito practice before his pitching debut, like Justice Stevens did before throwing a high and wide pitch at Wrigley last September? Justice Stevens was believed to be the first Justice to throw out a first pitch. Memo to Justice Alito: Don't wear the uniform you got at Fantasy Camp, or you will get booed.

UPDATE (June 18, 2006): Wearing the uniform, he got it over the plate.

UPDATE #2 (June 19, 2006): Appellate litigator Howard Bashman attended the game (HT to the WSJ Law Blog), and offers this report on his blog:
I had the pleasure of attending today's Phillies game in the presence of two Sams. As usual, my son and I were there as part of our Sunday season ticket package. Also in attendance was the person who is likely the highest-ranking Phillies fan in the federal government, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr.

Justice Alito was present to throw out the ceremonial first pitch, along with two other people who don't serve on the highest court in the land. Of course, the only one of those three ceremonial first pitchers whom the umpires were interested in being photographed with after they took the field was Justice Alito. . . . I guess this proves that work as a Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court need not be all-encompassing even in late June of your first Term.
Unfortunately, Bashman provides no report on the Justice's arm (perhaps because he has frequent business in the court?).


Give Stevens a break. He's like 30 years older than Alito.

Alito's uniform fits pretty well, if he were a MLB manager. I think the Phils ought to make him a "bench" coach.

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