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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
South African Sports Law Conference

Readers in the area (or with particularly large conference budgets) may be interested in the first South African Sports Law Conference, scheduled for September 14-15 at Stellenbosch University. According to the conference flyer:
South African sport is currently in a state of flux, experiencing significant upheavals and uncertainty due to a number of factors, e.g. the following:
Continuing difficulties (especially in the major high profile professional sports of soccer, rugby and cricket) in adapting to professionalism and the demands and circumstances of the modern global sports market;

Grappling with the legacy of apartheid in respect of unequal development in different sports and between different groups within a sport, as well as traditional discord and divisions in the governance of sport;

The unique role of politics in the governance, regulation and development of sport in South Africa post 1994; and

Recent, far-reaching, developments in respect of the State’s regulatory scheme and role in sport.
Against this background, the proposed theme for the event will be to analyse, from a legal perspective, a number of relevant issues regarding the current state of SA sport and its management; specifically examining the different problems experienced in recent times in respect of the governance and regulation of our major (especially professional) sports.


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