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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
New Sports Law Scholarship

New this week:
Lindsay M. Korey Lefteroff, Student Article, Excessive heckling and violent behavior at sporting events: a legal solution?, 14 U. MIAMI BUS. L. REV. 119 (2005)

Clary Moorhead, Note, Revenue sharing and the salary cap in the NFL: perfecting the balance between NFL socialism and unrestrained free trade, 8 VAND. J. ENT. & TECH. L. 641 (2006)

Richard H. McLaren, An overview of non-analytical positive & circumstantial evidence cases in sports, 16 MARQ. SPORTS L. REV. 193 (2006)

Stphen F. Ross & Stefan Szymanski, Antitrust and inefficient joint ventures: why sports leagues should look more like McDonald's and less like the United Nations, 16 MARQ. SPORTS L. REV. 213 (2006)

Geoffrey Christopher Rapp, Affirmative injunctions in athletic employment contracts: rethinking the place of the Lumley rule in American sports law, 16 MARQ. SPORTS L. REV. 261 (2006)

Ola Olatawura, The "theatre of dreams"?--Manchester United FC, globalization, and international sports law, 16 MARQ. SPORTS L. REV. 287 (2006)

Holly Hogan, Student Article, What athletic departments must know about Title IX and sexual harassment, 16 MARQ. SPORTS L. REV. 317 (2006)

Matthew R. Wilmot, Baseball Bats in the high tech era: a products liability look at new technology, aluminum bats, and manufacturer liability, 16 MARQ. SPORTS L. REV. 353 (2006)

Susan K. Menge et al., 2005 annual survey: recent developments in sports law, 16 MARQ. SPORTS L. REV. 381 (2006)

Paul M. Anderson, Book Review, Reviewing Welch Suggs, A Place on the Team: The Triumph and Tragedy of Title IX, 16 MARQ. SPORTS L. REV. 461 (2006)

Darren R. Merten, Index: Sports law in law reviews and journals, 16 MARQ. SPORTS L. REV. bi-bvi (2006)


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