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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
New Sports Law Scholarship

New this week:
Sabrina Bosse, Casenote, Is the price of victory just?: Attorney's fees, punitive damages, and the future of Title IX in . . . (Mercer v. Duke University, 401 F.3d 199, 4th Cir. 2005), 13 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 319 (2006)

Jackie J. Cook, Casenote, Determining who wears the pants in thoroughbred horseracing (Albarado v. Ky. Racing Comm'n, 2004 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 16378, W.D. Ky. July 20, 2004), 2004 THOMAS M. COOLEY LAW REVIEW 635 (2005)

Casey N. Harding, Casenote, Nickel and dimed: North Carolina court blocks Carolina Panthers' attempt to avoid payment of workers' compensation benefits to injured athletes (Larramore v. RIchardson Sports Ltd. Partners, 540 S.E.2d 768, N.C. Ct. App. 2000, aff'd 546 S.E.2d 87, N.C. 2001), 28 NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL 241 (2006)

Matthew Levine, Comment, Despite his antics, T.O. has a valid point: why NFL players deserve a bigger piece of the pie, 13 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 425 (2006)

Sue Ann Mota, Title IX after thirty-four years--retaliation is not allowed according to the Supreme Court in Jackson v. Birmingham Board of Education, 13 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 245 (2006)

Brian R. Moushegian, Comment, Native American mascots' last stand? Legal difficulties in eliminating public university use of Native American mascots, 13 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 465 (2006)


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