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Thursday, October 05, 2006
Welcome to the Blogosphere, Title IX Blog!

I'd like to welcome the new Title IX Blog to the blogosphere. This blog is a group effort by Erin Buzuvis, a new law professor at the Western New England College of Law, Kristine Newhall, a Women's Studies graduate student, and Western New England law professor Sudha Setty. The blog already has some neat posts up on topics including James Madison University's athletics program cuts, the D.C. Circuit's recent decision affirming dismissal of the College Sports Council's challenge to Title IX's constitutionality, and NCAA policies on paternity leave.

The great thing about new blogs on sports law topics, like the Title IX blog and Jeff Standen's new Sports Law Professor, is that it gives us new folks with whom to engage in (hopefully enlightening or at least entertaining) argument.


I hope this woman gets run out of the blogosphere like she did at Iowa.

Anonymous Anonymous -- 10/05/2006 1:17 PM  

I am setting forth below (with emphasis in caps and the name of the school, for now, deleted), the "Athletics" section of the "Parent Handbook" that I recently cut and pasted from a Web page for my son's middle school (grades 7 - 9). The Web page is accessed through the school district's Web site. Astonishingly, the school district is a PUBLIC school district in the northeastern United States.


A variety of interscholastic sports are offered at **************. Fall sports include cheerleading, field hockey, football, soccer, and GIRL'S [sic] tennis. Winter sports are cheerleading, girls and boys basketball, and wrestling. Spring sports consist of baseball, softball, boys/girls track, 7th and 8th grade GIRLS' soccer and 7th and 8th grade GIRLS' lacrosse.


My son (a 7th grade student) wanted to attend the initial meeting, in September, for the school's tennis team but did not do so because of the school's announcement that the tennis program was FOR GIRLS ONLY. I subsequently discovered the above Web site description of the school's sports teams. Similar, gender-exclusive (all of them GIRLS ONLY) athletic programs are offered at other middle schools in the district. Surely, no student enrolled in any public school anywhere in America in 2008, should be subjected to such hurtful discrimination, denying him/her equal educational opportunity. This, obviously, is no mere disparate impact/proportionality complaint based on de facto discrimination. Rather, the patent, institutionally ensconced sex discrimination referenced above constitutes an egregious violation of Title IX and other anti-discrimination laws. Surely, it should be vociferously condemned as such. Is Title IX now dead or is Title IX, itself, now being discriminatorily applied and discriminatorily enforced -- i.e., only for the benefit/protection of girls and women?

Blogger Larry -- 10/25/2008 10:22 AM  

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