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Monday, November 06, 2006
New Sports Law Scholarship

New this week is a collection of articles from last spring's Willamette Law Review symposium on "The Future of Sports Law":
Michael A. McCann, Social psychology, calamities, and sports law, 42 WILLAMETTE LAW REVIEW 585 (2006)

Jeffrey Standen, The beauty of bets: wagers as compen-sation for professional athletes, 42 WILLAMETTE LAW REVIEW 639 (2006)

Jack F. Williams, The coming revenue revolution in sports, 42 WILLAMETTE LAW REVIEW 669 (2006)

Chad Ford, Peace and hoops: basketball as a role player in sustainable peacebuilding, 42 WILLAMETTE LAW REVIEW 709 (2006)

Richard T. Karcher, Solving problems in the player representation business: unions should be the “exclusive” represen-tatives of the players, 42 WILLAMETTE LAW REVIEW 737 (2006)

Timothy Davis, Regulating the athlete-agent industry: intended and unintended consequences, 42 WILLAMETTE LAW REVIEW 781 (2006)

Maureen A. Weston, Internationalization in college sports: is-sues in recruiting, amateurism, and scope, 42 WILLAMETTE LAW REVIEW 829 (2006)

James A.R. Nafzinger, The future of international sports law, 42 WILLAMETTE LAW REVIEW 861-876 (2006)


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