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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
New Sports Law Scholarship

New this week:
Michael Conlin & Patrick M. Emerson, Discrimination in hiring versus retention and promotion: an empirical analysis of within-firm treatment of players in the NFL, 22 JOURNAL OF LAW ECONOMICS & ORGANIZATION 115 (2006)

Christopher T. Pickens, Comment, Of bookies and brokers: are sports futures gambling or investing, and does it even matter? 14 GEORGE MASON LAW REVIEW 227 (2006)

Erin A. Stanton, Student article, Home team advantage?: The taking of private property for sports stadiums, 9 NEW YORK CITY LAW REVIEW 93 (2005)
In addition, our frequent guest Chad McEvoy alerts me to the availability of his new co-authored article, which is not on Westlaw but can be downloaded free of charge from the embedded link:
Mark S. Nagel et al., Major Leage Baseball Anti-Trust Immunity: Examining the Legal and Financial Implications of Relocation Rules, 4 ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS LAW JOURNAL (2006)


scholarships are really important for students...

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