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Monday, March 26, 2007
Issues in College Sports Lecture Series at the University of Memphis

The University of Memphis Sport and Leisure Commerce program is in the midst of hosting its 2nd Annual Issues in College Sports Lecture Series. The series features coaches, scouts, agents (including Jimmy Sexton), sports business professors, and sports law professors, among other distinguished guests. The series has been put together largely through the excellent work of University of Memphis Professor Richard Southall (pictured to left), who we recently blogged about in regards to the White v. NCAA lawsuit, and some of his students like Carrie Sordel and Charley Fausey. Here is a schedule of upcoming events (and if you would like to attend any of these discussions, directions to the University of Memphis are available at this link and all of the events will be held in Room 124 of Ball Hall).

Monday, March 26th, 4:00p.m. - The Business of College Sports. (Ryan McPhail, Titus Jackson – student moderators)

Dr. Ronald Dick – Duquesne University

Dr. Mark Nagel – University of South Carolina

Dr. Kadie Otto – Western Carolina University

Mr. Jimmy Sexton – Memphis, TN

Dr. Nathan Tomasini – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Friday, April 6th, 4:00p.m. - Division I College Recruiting: The good, the bad, and the ugly. (Ryan Ivey – student moderator)

Coach Jimmy Adams – Head Boys Basketball Coach, Raleigh-Egypt High School

Mr. Chad Alexander - Midwest Area Scout, Baltimore Ravens

Mr. Bobby Burton - Chief Operating Officer and Editor-in-chief

Dr. Joe Luckey – Director, Center for Athletic Academic Services, The University of Memphis

Dr. Fritz Polite – The University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Friday, April 13
th, 4:00p.m. - Congress, Intercollegiate Athletics, and Higher Education: Is college sports a tax-exempt enterprise or an unrelated business? (Shawn Fayard, Walt Barton - student moderators)

Prof. Paul Anderson – Marquette University Law School - National Sports Law Institute

Prof. John Colombo – The University of Illinois Law School

Prof. Michael McCann – Mississippi College School of Law

Dr. Dave Ridpath – Ohio University

Prof. Linda Sharp – University of Northern Colorado

Dr. Ellen Staurowsky – Ithaca College

Mr. Welch Suggs – University of Georgia

Friday, April 20th, 4:00p.m. - White v. NCAA: Greed or Monopsony – A discussion of the case’s legal merits. (Carrie Sordel, Dawnyell Fletcher – student moderators)

Prof. Paul Batista – Texas A&M University

Mr. Tony Bonds – Suntrust Financial

Mr. Patrick Byrne – The University of Memphis

Mr. Ramogi Huma – College Athletes Coalition

Dr. Allen Sack – The University of New Haven


Triple drat. The only one I don't have a trial conflict with is the day I promised to take my daughter on a canoe trip.

I would especially like to take in the White discussion. The media reports seem to really like the hook that the schools make bazillions off the players, but I don't think that is especially relevant nor accurate.

The college market is all about brand. When the NBA was scooping up the best young talent and the experts were telling us that the games we were seeing weren't very good because of that missing talent, attendance rose.

Demand for tickets and merchandise is about the brand. Fans are going to buy the jersey of a favorite player and a favorite player in the college universe is one of the best (as measured against competition) players on their favorite teams. If superstar high school player opts to sign with East Tennessee State over Tennessee his jersey will likely not sell even remotely as well as an inferior player clad in orange who knows all the words to Rocky Top.

Of course I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out how getting COA rather than GIA serves the goal of making the marketplace more competitive. Under COA any market choice leaves a player with the chance to play and work toward a degree with nothing out of pocket. Financially on an expense basis all choices are identical. Under GIA there is some variance in COA that depend on location and the players travel costs. Other than a nominal difference between schools, I don't see any variance in the competition for student-athletes.

Blogger Mark F -- 3/26/2007 12:22 PM  

Mark, thanks for these excellent comments. I hope there will be webcasts or podcasts of these panel discussions up at Memphis, and if there are, I will post links on the blog.

Blogger Michael McCann -- 3/27/2007 3:10 AM  

Professor Southall told me yesterday that he expected some sort of post-seminar materials will be available, possibly a dvd containing video of the seminars plus the power point presentations.

The tax debate should be quite interesting, but then I do a lot of tax work.

The tax code may be the last shot at saving inter-collegiate athletics from itself, so that should be a dandy.

Blogger Mark -- 3/27/2007 8:00 AM  

Article from the Memphis Commercial Appeal about the 26th for those who are interested.,1426,MCA_440_5446590,00.html

Blogger Joshua Golka -- 3/28/2007 11:43 PM  

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