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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Recent Sports Law Scholarship

New sports law scholarship over the past few weeks:
Hector Del Cid, Winning at all costs: Can Major League Baseball’s new drug policy deter kids from steroids and maintain the integrity of the game?, 14 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 169 (2007)

Marc J. Dobberstein, Student article, “Give me the ball, Coach”: a scouting report on the liability of high schools and coaches for injuries to high school pitchers’ arms, 14 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 49 (2007)

Kara Fratto, The taxation of professional U.S. athletes in both the United States and Canada, 14 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 29 (2007)

Jonathan B. Goldberg, Student article. No tying in football? Re-examining the sale of NFL tickets, 14 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 1 (2007)

Jonathan Gonzalez, Trademark goodwill, brand devaluation, and the neo-political correctness of college athletics: did Marquette’s recent identity crisis cost them thousands or even millions of dollars in brand value?, 14 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 195 (2007)

Allan M. Johnson, Student article, The right of publicity gets left out in CBC Distribution, 14 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 71 (2007)

David W. Penn, Note, From Bosman to Simutenkov: the application of non-discrimination principles to non-EU nationals in European sports, 30 SUFFOLK TRANSNATIONAL LAW REVIEW 203 (2006)

Jude D. Schmit, Student article, A fresh set of downs? Why recent modifications to the Bowl Championship Series still draw a flag under the Sherman Act, 14 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 219 (2007)

Yael Lee Aura Shy, Student article, “Like any other girl”: male-to-female transsexuals and professional sports, 14 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 95 (2007)

Kelley Tiffany, Cheering speech at state university athletic events: how do you regulate bad spectator sportsmanship?, 14 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNALS 111 (2007)

Frank P. Tiscione, Student article, College athletics and workers’ compensation: why the courts get it wrong in denying student-athletes workers’ compensation benefits when they get injured, 14 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 137 (2007)


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