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Monday, July 02, 2007
New Sports Law Scholarship

Recently published scholarship includes:
Brian W. Collins, Note, Tackling unconscious bias in hiring practices: the plight of the Rooney Rule, 82 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 870 (2007)

Mike Rogers and Rory Ryan, Navigating the bylaw maze in NCAA major-infractions cases, 37 SETON HALL LAW REVIEW 749 (2007)

Eric Thieme, Note, You can’t win ‘em all: how the NCAA’s dominance of the college basketball postseason reveals there will never be an NCAA football playoff, 40 INDIANA LAW REVIEW 453 (2007)


Hey, in the interests of updating the world on new articles posted, we at the University of Denver Sports and Entertainment Law Review have just posted a new article on our issues page regarding MLB's use of internal taxation to maintain competitive balance.

Also, since you linked to us, we linked back to you.

Brandi Bennett
DU Sports & Ent. Law Journal

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