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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
New Sports Law Scholarship

New this week:
Elisa M. Butler, Civil rights--no hitting back: schools have to play by the Title IX rules, 7 WYOMING LAW REVIEW 577 (2007)

Susan K. Menge, Should players have to pass to play?: a legal analysis of implementing genetic testing in the National Basketball Association, 17 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 459 (2007)

Barbara Osborne, “No drinking, no drugs, no lesbians”: sexual orientation discrimination in intercollegiate athletics, 17 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 481 (2007)

Anthony S. Marinac, Dworkin on the half-forward flank: the jurisprudence of AFL’s Spirit of the Laws, 17 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 503 (2007)

James Potter, Comment, The NCAA as state actor: Tarkanian, Brentwood, and due process, 155 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA LAW REVIEW 1269 (2007)

Megan Ryther, Comment, Swimming upstream: men’s Olympic swimming sinks while Title IX swims, 17 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 679 (2007)

Joeseph M. Saja, Comment, Back to the game: how Congress can help sports leagues shift the focus from steroids to sports, 23 JOURNAL CONTEMPORARY HEALTH LAW & POLICY 341 (2007)

Thomas M. Schiera, Note, Balancing act: will the European Commission allow European football to reestablish the competitive balance that it helped destroy?, 32 BROOKLYN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 709 (2007)

Brent D. Showalter, Comment, Steroid testing policies in professional sports: regulated by Congress or the responsibility of the leagues?, 17 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 651 (2007)


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