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Wednesday, February 06, 2008
Jeffrey Levine on IP rights in China and Sports

Jeff Levine, a recent graduate of Tulane Law School and former legal intern at the Cleveland Cavaliers Operating Company, has a new law review article on the intersection between intellectual property rights in China and sports. Here's the article's abstract:
The article focuses on various aspects of intellectual property law, international law and sports law. Specifically, the article exams methods by which sports teams and organizations can best protect their intellectual property rights (IPR) in the emerging commercial sports market of China.

The article takes a comparative look at Western and Chinese intellectual property laws and goes through various methods of how teams can protect their IPR while developing their brand in China. The article also looks at how China's cultural development impacts the nation's view on IPR protection and enforcement, and examines the Confucian values underpinning China's legal and social framework.

Finally, the article argues that in order to achieve effective IPR enforcement in China, sports teams and organizations should work within the nation's preexisting social and legal framework rather than rely exclusively on recently adopted Westernized IPR laws and international treaties.

As originally published in Texas Review of Entertainment and Sports Law.
To download the article from SSRN, click here.


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