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Monday, October 27, 2008
Recent Sports Law Scholarship

Recent scholarship includes:
Walter T. Champion, Jr., The O. J. trial as a metaphor for racism in sports, 33 THURGOOD MARSHALL LAW REVIEW 157 (2007)

andré douglas pond cummings, Pushing weight, 33 THURGOOD MARSHALL LAW REVIEW 95 (2007)

Timothy Davis, Tort liability of coaches for injuries to professional athletes: overcoming policy and doctrinal barriers, 76 UMKC LAW REVIEW 571 (2008)
A. Jerome Dees, Access or interest: why Brown has benefited African-American women more than Title IX, 76 UMKC LAW REVIEW 625 (2008)

N. Jeremi Duru, Exploring Jethroe’s injustice: the impact of an ex-ballplayer’s legal quest for a pension on the movement for restorative racial justice, 76 UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI LAW REVIEW 793 (2008)

Kenneth D. Ferguson, Blurring the boundary lines between amateur and professional sports, 76 UMKC LAW REVIEW 643 (2008)

Linda Sheryl Greene, Football coach contracts: what does the student-athlete have to do with it?, 76 UMKC LAW REVIEW 665 (2008)

Brandon Gutshall, Note, A new uniform: NCAA policy and student-athlete misconduct, 76 UMKC LAW REVIEW 727 (2008)

Jonathan Little, Running against the wind: sex discrimination in high school girl’s cross country, 76 UMKC LAW REVIEW 711 (2008)

Adam B. Marks, Note, Personnel foul on the National Football League Players Association: how union executive director Gene Upshaw failed the union’s members by not fighting the enactment of the personal conduct policy, 40 CONNECTICUT LAW REVIEW 1581 (2008)

Alfred Dennis Mathewson, By education or commerce: the legal basis for the federal regulation of the economic structure of intercollegiate athletics, 76 UMKC LAW REVIEW 597 (2008)

Shane C. Mecham and Kevin M. Guskiewicz, Head case: an agent’s guide to protecting their NFL clients from concussions and associated risks, 76 UMKC LAW REVIEW 699 (2008)

Aaron Mensh, Note, “Upon further review”: why a sports stadium can justify an eminent domain taking, 40 CONNECTICUT LAW REVIEW 1623 (2008)

Lara Krigel Pabst, Note, Embodying the Olympic spirit: why Paralympic athletes should be entitled to proportionate benefits under the Americans With Disabilities Act, 76 UMKC LAW REVIEW 751 (2008)

Deborah L. Rhode and Christopher J. Walker, Gender equity in college athletics: women coaches as a case study, 4 STANFORD JOURNAL OF CIVIL RIGHTS & CIVIL LIBERTIES 1 (2008)

Benjamin C. Thompson, Note, Personal foul…15 years in jail: sports’ problem with excessive violence and the severe punishment solution, 76 UMKC LAW REVIEW 769 (2008)

Patrick K. Thornton, The legacy of Johnnie Cochran, Jr.: the National Football League’s Rooney Rule, 33 THURGOOD MARSHALL LAW REVIEW 77 (2007)


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