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Friday, February 20, 2009
2009 Arbitration Season Ends with Settlement

The Washington Nationals and Ryan Zimmerman settled early this morning prior to their scheduled hearing at the midpoint figure of $3,325,000. So, the players prevailed in 2 of the 3 hearings this season and that marks the first time since 1996, when the players won 7 of the 10 hearings, that the players defeated the teams in arbitration. For the record, there have now been 487 hearings, and the teams have won 280 and the players 207. Teams are ahead in percentage, 57% to 43%. That is a 1 percentage point change from last year (58%-42%).

I went 0-3 in predictions. I was just as poor at this as I was with my 2 fantasy football teams this past season.

The final tally on the 43 settled cases:

Multiyear deals - 11
Above the midpoint - 5
Midpoint - 11
Below the midpoint - 16


This year was a small sample size.

Anonymous Anonymous -- 2/20/2009 1:31 PM  

Yes, the three hearings this year ties a record low established in 2005 (teams won 2 of 3). This was the eighth consecutive year with 8 or fewer hearings. A trend continues of few hearings over the past 4 years when 100 or more cases were filed.

Blogger Ed Edmonds -- 2/20/2009 9:56 PM  

A summary of the arbitrations for this year can be found at:

Blogger Paul -- 2/23/2009 2:15 PM  

Maury Brown has an excellent website (bizofbaseball). He has posted a number of articles covering salary arbitration and free agents. I highly recommend his posts. He was also quoted in a recent article by Fred Clarke on (Arbitration Key to Salary Escalation - 2-21-2009).

One thing that should be kept in mind about arbitration. Prior to arbitration the player has no leverage to request much beyond the minimum salary. The following players that exchanged numbers all had salaries below $500,000 last year - Aybar, Bannister, Camp, Cabrera, Encarnacion, Ethier, Francoeur, Hart, Hill, Jackson, Jacobs, Johnson, Ludwick, Maholm, Maine, Markakis, McLouth, Navarro, Olsen, Rodriguez, Santana, Uggla, Willingham, and Zimmerman. That is 24 of the 46 players.

Blogger Ed Edmonds -- 2/23/2009 10:12 PM  

Nice article on this topic.

Anonymous San Antonio Bankruptcy Attorneys -- 3/06/2009 8:01 AM  

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