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Thursday, February 05, 2009
Salary Arbitration Update

According to my research, 22 of the 46 players who exchanged figures last month with their teams have settled. Forty-five percent have settled below the midpoint while 6 received multiyear deals from their teams. Keep in mind that settlements below the midpoint are often close to the figure or performance bonuses exist that might ultimately increase the final salary amount paid to the player beyond the midpoint.

The Washington Nationals still have four unsettled cases: Shawn Hill (asked for $775,000 - club offered $500,000 - the midpoint is $637,500), Scott Olsen (asked for $3,500,000 - club offered $2,500,000 - the midpoint is $3,000,000), Josh Willingham (asked for $3,600,000 - club offered $2,550,000 - the midpoint is $3,075,000), and Ryan Zimmerman (asked for $3,900,000 - club offered $2,750,000 - the midpoint is $3,325,000). The Nationals have won three of their four arbitrations since the Expos were moved to Washington. In 2006, the Nationals defeated Alfonso Soriano. The following year that split two decisions, defeating John Patterson while beating Chad Cordero. Last year, they won their hearing with Felipe Lopez. The final hearing for the Expos was a team win over Nick Johnson in 2004. This year is shaping up as another hearing year for the Nationals.

Here is a list of the players who have settled by category with the Midpoint figure/Settled amount:

League minimum salary in 2009 = $400,000
22 players Settled - 46 total

Multiyear deals - 6
Above - 3
Midpoint - 3
Below - 10

Multiyear deals

Prince Fielder (Milwaukee Brewers) - $7,000,000/2-years, $18,000,000 plus a $1,000,000 signing bonus
Zack Greinke (Kansas City Royals) - $3,900,000/4-years, $38,000,000
Jason Kubel (Minnesota Twins) - $2,900,000/2-years, 7,200,000 including a $350,000 buyout
Paul Maholm (Pittsburgh Pirates) - $3,225,000/3-years, $14,500,000 including a $750,000 buyout
Nick Markakis (Baltimore Orioles) - $3,950,000/6-years, $66,100,000. An option exists in the contract for 2015.
Jayson Werth (Philadelphia Phillies) - $3,500,000/2-years, $10,000,000

Above the midpoint

Justin Duchscherer (Oakland A’s) - $3,800,000/$3,900,000
Casey Kotchman (Atlanta Braves) -$ 2,862,500/$2,885,000
Rickie Weeks (Milwaukee Brewers) - $2,400,000/$2,450,000

At the midpoint

Brian Bannister (Kansas City Royals) - $1,737,500/$1,737,500
John Maine (New York Mets) - $2,600,000/$2,600,000
Justin Verlander (Detroit Tigers) - $3,675,000/$3,675,000

Below the midpoint

Garrett Atkins (Colorado Rockies) - $7,300,000/$7,050,000
Brian Bruney (New York Yankees) - $1,325,000/$1,250,000
Marlon Byrd (Texas Rangers) - $3,150,000/$3,060,000
Melky Cabrera (New York Yankees) - $1,450,000/$1,400,000
Chad Durbin (Philadelphia Phillies) - $1,650,000/$1,635,000
Geoff Geary (Houston Astros) - $1,762,500/$1,700,000
Macier Izturis (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) - $1,642,500/$1,600,000
Wandy Rodriguez (Houston Astros) - $2,625,000/$2,600,000
Brian Tallet (Toronto Blue Jays) - $1,125,000/$1,015,000
David Weathers (Cincinnati Reds) - $3,800,000/$3,400,000


I thank! It was interesting to read through.

Blogger aglu -- 2/06/2009 12:15 AM  

Geezzz, I sure am getting tired of these salary reviews. These guys need to get over it.

Anonymous Salaries at MySpace -- 2/16/2009 7:02 PM  

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