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Thursday, March 19, 2009
Thoughts for the Big Dance: On Duke Hatred

Good piece from The New Republic on the venomous hatred of Duke basketball and Duke players and the way that hatred is explicitly and unabashedly expressed in homophobic terms.

This really is part of the larger issue of race in college basketball (which the article touches on briefly) and the perception that white players are "soft" spot-up shooters, rather than "tough, strong athletes." In the macho context of sports, such traits translate into homosexuality. The phenomenon actually is not limited to Duke. But it finds it most frequent target there because Duke produces more highly publicized and/or star players (where Duke is concerned, the categories may be very different) who are white.


Duke does produce a lot of spot-up shooters and not very many guys who can go in there and bang like someone such as DeJuan Blair from Pitt can.

The only really true bangers that Duke has had are Elton Brand, Carlos Boozer, and maybe (and I stress maybe) Christian Laettner.

Other than that, they are full of Trajan Langdon's, JJ Redick's, and Jon Scheyer's.

The only person on Duke right now that would see some meaningful time on an NBA roster would be Gerald Henderson, and possibly Kyle Singler, but he's more of a spot-up shooter than anything else, so who knows about him.

Just my 2 cents.

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