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Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Catching Up with Links

* Joshua Knipp and Michael Miller -- two students at Wake Forest University School of Law -- have posted on SSRN a draft of their interesting paper Finding a Balance: Advocating a Long-Term Solution to the NCAA's Battle with Technology in Recruiting.

* The annual Sports Lawyers Association Conference is coming up on May 14 in Chicago. For more information, click here.

* Max Eppel of Sports Agent Blog has a good feature piece on soccer agents and transfer windows.

* Jason Peck of Sports Agent Blog reports on the recently-held College Sport Research Institute conference (Day 1, Day 2).

* National Sports and Entertainment Law Society Blog has a number of good posts up.

* Marc Isenberg at Money Players writes about the NCAA reducing the time period underclassmen basketball players can test their NBA market value.

* I'll be at the NFL Draft this weekend -- if any Sports Law Blog readers are there, please let me know, it would be good to meet you in person.


Who will go first?

Anonymous william -- 4/21/2009 10:18 PM  


I think the Lions will pick Matt Stafford. I wonder if they will regret that pick two years from now, however. The Lions' defense is atrocious, and they have Aaron Curry right there for the taking. I know selecting a linebacker at #1 would be unconventional and subject to intense criticism if it doesn't pan out, but is Stafford really a franchise QB? I wonder about his decision-making, and with the Lions' offensive line, I see a tough adjustment to the NFL. We'll see.

Blogger Michael McCann -- 4/22/2009 12:21 AM  

If it were me, I'd select Jason Smith.

Stafford is vastly overrated and is a decent QB in a very shallow QB pool. The Lions should shore up some other areas before worrying about a QB, who won't make an impact while lying on his back all game long.

Blogger Pbenn001 -- 4/23/2009 12:08 AM  

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