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Friday, May 15, 2009
"Redskins" win (again), for now

I've previously blogged about challenges to the trademark registration of the Washington "Redskins". Via How Appealing, the DC Circuit has once again affirmed the dismissal of plaintiffs' challenge to the trademark because of laches in the Harjo case (for a discussion of the issues, see this piece). The court's decision is here. The decision does not touch on the substance of the plaintiffs' claims, which may yet be addressed in future litigation.

UPDATE (May 16): The bloggers at the Volokh Conspiracy have four posts up on the issue:

The Ethics of Naming Sports Teams After Ethnic Groups

"'I Am a Red-Skin': The Adoption of a Native American Expression (1769-1826)"

American Indians' Views of the Redskins

Laches Proves To Be the Most Valuable Player


I do not understand how some NCAA schools had to change mascot names with Native American names, while the NFL and the Redskins get to keep the naming rights. Money is playing a big role in an issue that is the same throughout all different leagues.

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