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Monday, July 06, 2009
New Sports Law Scholarship

Recently published scholarship includes:
Christopher Bidlack, Comment, The prohibition of prosthetic limbs in American sports: the issues and the role of the Americans with Disabilities Act, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 613 (2009)

Daniel Bilsky, From parts unknown: WWE v. Jim Hellwig in the ultimate battle for character copyright, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 419 (2009)

Ethan Flatt, Note, Solidifying the defensive line: the NFL Network’s current position under antitrust law and how it can be improved, 11 VANDERBILT JOURNAL OF ENTERTAINMENT & TECHNOLOGY LAW 637 (2009)

Brian P. Harlan, Note, The California Supreme Court should take a mulligan: how the Court shanked by applying the primary assumption of risk doctrine to golf, 29 LOYOLA L.A. ENTERTAINMENT LAW REVIEW 91 (2008-2009)

Holli N. Heiles, Comment, Baseball’s “growth” problem: can Congress require Major League Baseball to test its athletes for human growth hormone? A proposal, 62 ARKANSAS LAW REVIEW 315 (2009)

Sarah R. Heisler, Note, Steroid regulation in professional sports: Sarbanes-Oxley as a guide. 27 CARDOZO ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 199 (2009)

Andrew D. Hohenstein, Comment, Team physicians: adhering to the Hippocratic Oath or just plain hypocrites?, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 579 (2009)

Robert Holo and Jonathan Talansky, Taxing the business of sports, 9 FLORIDA TAX REVIEW 161 (2008)

Christopher J. Kaufman, Comment, Unsportsmanlike conduct: 15-yard penalty and loss of free speech in public university sports stadiums, 57 UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS LAW REVIEW 1235 (2009)

Erick S. Lee, Play ball!: substituting current federal non-regulation of fantasy sports leagues with limited supervision of hyper-competitive leagues, 29 LOYOLA L.A. ENTERTAINMENT LAW REVIEW 53 (2008-2009)

Rick J. Lopez, Comment, Signing bonus skimming and a premature call for a global draft in Major League Baseball, 41 ARIZONA STATE LAW JOURNAL 349 (2009)

Michael C. Macchiarola, Securities linked to the performance of Tiger Woods? Not such a long shot, 42 CREIGHTON LAW REVIEW 29 (2008)

James T. McKeown, 2008 antitrust developments in professional sports: to the single entity and beyond, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 363 (2009)

Alan Pogroszewski, When is a CPA as important as your ERA? A comprehensive evaluation and examination of state tax issues on professional athletes, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 395 (2009)

Ann Scales, Student gladiators and sexual assault: a new analysis of liability for injuries inflicted by college athletes, 15 MICHIGAN JOURNAL OF GENDER AND LAW 205 (2009)

Kaitlyn Anne Wild, 2008 annual survey: recent developments in sports law, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 437 (2009)

Sara Young, Note, Does a coach owe players a fiduciary duty? Examining the relationship between coach and team, 35 JOURNAL OF COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY LAW 475 (2009)


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