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Thursday, December 17, 2009
New Sports Law Scholarship

Recently published scholarship includes:
Nadir S. Ahmed, Inclusionary seating: application of the principle of inclusionary zoning to stadium event ticket pricing, 16 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 301 (2009)

Manav K. Bhatnagar, Comment, Fantasy liability: publicity law, the First Amendment, and fantasy sports, 119 YALE LAW JOURNAL 131 (2009)

Peter Charlish, Dwain Chambers runs out of time, 10 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS LAW 57 (2008)

Colin J. Daniels & Aaron Brooks, From the Black Sox to the sky box: the evolution and mechanics of commissioner authority, 10 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS LAW 23 (2008)

Marc Edelman & Brian Doyle, Antitrust and “free movement” risks of expanding U.S. professional sports leagues into Europe, 29 NORTHWESTERN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW & BUSINESS 403 (2009)

Timothy Liam Epstein, Prep plus: evaluating the motivations for and effects of enrollment multipliers and other measures in high school sports, 10 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS LAW 1 (2008)

Matthew C. Garner, Time to move on? Franchise relocation in MLS, antitrust implications...and the hope that FIFA is not watching, 16 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 159 (2009)

Christopher Hatch, Note, Fourth and short on equality: the disparate impact of the NFL’s use of the Wonderlic intelligence test and the case for a football-specific test, 41 CONNECTICUT LAW REVIEW 1669 (2009)

Zachary Herlands, Note, Borden v. School District of the Township of East Brunswick: how the Third Circuit extended the separation of church and state to the football field, 16 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 333 (2009)

A. Jason Huebinger, Beyond the injured reserve: the struggle facing former NFL players in obtaining much needed disability assistance, 16 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 279 (2009)

David Hutson, Note, Paying the price for sports TV: preventing the strategic misuse of the FCC’s carriage regulations, 61 FEDERAL COMMUNICATION LAW JOURNAL 407 (2009)

F. Scott Kieff et al., It’s your turn, but it’s my move: intellectual property protection for sports “moves,” 25 SANTA CLARA COMPUTER & HIGHT TECH LAW JOURNAL 765 (2009)

Janine Young Kim & Matthew J. Parlow, Off-court misbehavior: sports leagues and private punishment, 99 JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW & CRIMINOLOGY 573 (2009)

Joshua M. Kimura, The return of The Natural: how the federal government can ensure that Roy Hobbs outlasts Barry Bonds in Major League Baseball, 16 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 111 (2009)

Jeremiah Kline, Black and blue: an examination of trademarking university color schemes, 16 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 47 (2009)

Joshua M. Liebman, Tip your “cap” to the players: 2007-2008 off-season reveals NHL’s salary cap benefits on players, 16 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 81 (2009)

John G. Long, High standards for high school athletes: defamation law and tomorrow’s stars, 16 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 255 (2009)

Kevin Mahoney, Note, Learning from the mistakes of others: changing Major League Baseball’s substance abuse arbitration procedure, 24 OHIO STATE JOURNAL ON DISPUTE RESOLUTION 613 (2009)

Neil M. Mazer, Homeruns and taxes: the IRS and its treasure trove regulation, 16 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 139 (2009)

Andrew T. Miragliotta, Note, Goldstein v. Pataki: down but not out, fifteen property owners stop the clock on Bruce Ratner’s eminent domain game, 16 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 319 (2009)

Robert F. Moore, The interaction between the Americans with Disabilities Act and drug and alcohol addiction in sports, 16 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 231 (2009)

Kimberly Jade Norwood. Adult complicity in the dis-education of the black male high school athlete & societal failures to remedy his plight, 34 THURGOOD MARSHALL LAW REVIEW 21 (2008)

Ross C. Paolino, Upon further review: how NFL Network is violating the Sherman Act, 16 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 1 (2009)

Jon Perrelle, Note, An opportunity of reform: Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association v. Brentwood Academy and NCAA recruiting, 74 BROOKLYN LAW REVIEW 1213 (2009)

Geoffrey Rapp, Blue Sky steroids, 99 JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW & CRIMINOLOGY 599 (2009)

Jeffrey Standen, The manly sports: the problematic use of criminal law to regulate sports violence, 99 JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW & CRIMINOLOGY 619 (2009)

Steven Stewart, The development of sports law in the European Union, its globalization, and the competition law aspects of European sports broadcasting rights, 16 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 183 (2009)

Burgess Williams, Note, The fate of third party ownership of professional footballers’ rights: is a complete prohibition necessary, 10 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS LAW 79 (2008)

Tulane University School of Law Moot Court Mardi Gras Invitational: 2008 Competition, 16 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 353 (2009)


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