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Friday, January 15, 2010
New Column and Washington Post Q/A on Gilbert Arenas's plea deal and potential sentence

I have a new column on the guilty plea by Gilbert Arenas. Here's an excerpt:

* * *

Judge Morin seems unlikely to impose a sentence in excess of the prosecutors' recommendation. While Arenas pleaded no contest in 2003 to a misdemeanor charge in California for illegally possessing a concealed weapon, he otherwise lacks the kinds of aggravating factors that would warrant a lengthy sentence. But there is no guarantee that he will avoid one. Recall what happened to Michael Vick: After he pleaded guilty to dogfighting charges, prosecutors recommended that he be sentenced to 12-to-18 months in prison. Judge Henry Hudson disagreed, instead sentencing Vick to 23 months. Therein lies the risk of entering into a plea deal: a defendant and prosecutors can "make a deal," but the judge decides whether to accept it.

* * *
Hope you have a chance to read the rest of the column. Also, I did a Q/A for the Washington Post on Arenas. Here's an exerpt:

Clarksburg, Md.: When do you think David Stern will decide what the "indefinite suspension" means? Meaning do you have any idea when he might change it to a certain amount of time and if so, how long? I know you can only speculate.

Michael McCann: I think he'll wait until the sentencing is determined (Arenas is scheduled to be sentenced on March 26). I think the odds are very much against Arenas returning this season, even if the sentence he receives is extremely light. To me, the question is whether the suspension will continue into the 2010-11 season. Stern will likely provide Arenas an opportunity to meet with him in private (similar to that provided by NFL commissioner Roger Godell to Michael Vick) and that meeting would have a major impact on when Arenas returns.

To read the rest, click here. Also on a somewhat related I issue I did an interview with Scott Drake of the Legal Broadcast Network on Jason Williams pleading guilty this week for a fatal shooting that happened back in 2002.


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