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Wednesday, February 03, 2010
Who Dat and Other Links

A few quick links as Super Bowl Sunday approaches.

First, the NFL sends cease and desist letters to local vendors in New Orleans who are selling “who dat” merchandise.

Second, Senator Vitter (among others) responds to the NFL.

Third, the NFL softens its who dat stance a bit.

Fourth, I ask why the NFL won’t allow the Superdome to show the Super Bowl. Twice.

Finally, I have joined the twitter world. For those of you interested in getting sports law updates and information delivered to you 140 words or less at a time, you can follow me here.


The whole "who dat" thing is ridiculous. If it's so important, why did they wait 2 decades for the Saints to get good? The question of course is silly because the obvious answer is money.

Anonymous Dave Gross -- 2/04/2010 7:06 AM  

The NFL knows a profitable opportunity when they see it. The ‘Who Dat’ phrase is a rare phenomenon. The entire city of New Orleans has taken a simple saying and turned it into a slogan for fans who root for the Saints. The NFL is, therefore, trying to gain the trademark. If the Monisteres really filed legally for a trademark, they will easily win. However, if they created a company but didn’t get the correct trademark rights for the phrase, then the NFL can swoop in and claim it for themselves. They may know the phrase has no trademark rights attached to it or they are just taking a shot in the dark. The Monisteres must show they own the rights, or the NFL can show they own it and have the right to give ceast and desist orders. Regardless, it is bad publicity for them; especially since its the Super Bowl, and the team shouldn’t alienate their fans in a time when every ticket or merchandise purchase helps keep the team operating sufficiently.

Blogger Anthony Iozzo -- 2/07/2010 5:46 PM  

Interesting why the NFL doesn't allow broadcasts to the home stadiums of the member teams; how does this work for the leagues like the NHL, NBA, and college basketball do?

Anonymous Anonymous -- 2/08/2010 12:15 AM  

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