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Saturday, October 23, 2010
NY Times on the Sports Fans Coalition

Today's New York Times features a story on the Sports Fans Coalition, a nonprofit interest group in Washington D.C. formed for the purpose of organizing sports fans and representing their interests in public policy issues. Led by executive director Brian Frederick, the group has initially focused its attention on several issues affecting sports fans, including: "television blackouts (especially at taxpayer-funded stadiums), the Bowl Championship Series and the ballooning cost of attending games. Looming is the possibility of a lockout in the N.F.L. next year." For more on the Sports Fans Coalition, check out its website.


Ha. That would be interesting if there was Sports Fan Coalition lobbyist. Maybe that kind of thing could have prevented the Baseball strike. My guess is that fans would have to be alot more upset than they are for something like this to work



Blogger Mikethelawstudent -- 10/25/2010 5:25 PM  

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Blogger Nick Hansen -- 10/27/2010 9:38 PM  

The Sports Fans Coalition concept sounds much needed for the UK too, many school sports fields are being sold to property magnates here, surely developing them as public facilities for sports use would work better and promote health, thus aiding to ease the burden on the NHS (our National Health Service).
Sports fans and Olympians alike the world over would back the role-out of this concept into their countries too, I'm certain.

Anonymous The Everyman Olympian -- 10/29/2010 3:36 AM  

Sport fan coalition ? I have never heard before. I think this is a perfect idea

Anonymous golf swing -- 11/21/2010 6:29 PM  

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