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Saturday, September 10, 2011
Tennis Bracketology

Only sort-of sports-law related, kind of: The top 4 seeds made the Men's Semifinals at the U.S. Open. In today's semis, # 1 (Djokovic) played # 3 (Federer) and # 2 (Nadal) played # 4 (Murrary). But brackets are always set up for semis of 1 v. 4 and 2 v. 3.

Anyone out there know why the Open does it differently?


Tennis brackets are always drawn in segments - 1 and 2 are separate, but then 1 may play either 3 or 4 depending on random draw. (In this same way, 1-4 may play anyone seeded 5-8 in the quarterfinals based on the random draw, and so forth with the groups of seeds).

Blogger Chris Migliaccio -- 9/11/2011 2:26 PM  

They randomize the seeds within each "tier" so you do not run into the same match-ups in every tournament if the higher seeded player wins. For example, the 3rd and 4th seeds have equal chances of playing the 1st and 2nd seeds in the semifinals. Seeds 5 through 8 all have equal chances of playing seeds 1 through 4 in the quarterfinals.

Anonymous Anonymous -- 9/11/2011 9:39 PM  

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