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Thursday, February 02, 2012
Arbitration Hearings Have Started

The Washington Nationals beat John Lannan yesterday in the first arbitration hearing of 2012. The Nationals have now won 6 of their 8 hearings since 2006. The panel consisted of Robert Herzog (team wins - 3, player wins - 2), Elizabeth Neumeier (team wins - 17, player wins - 10), and first-time baseball arbitrator John Skonier.

Today the Tampa Bay Rays went to a hearing with Jeff Niemann. The Rays have won all five of their previous hearings. The arbitration panel included two first-time baseball arbitrators - Howard Edelman and Mark Irvings. The third panel member was James Oldham (previous panel record - team wins 2, player wins - 1).

The research that I used for the information above is now posted on a website that is still being built. You can find it by going to my Notre Dame webpage and clicking on the link under my picture.

Ed Edmonds


Jeff Niemann lost to the Rays per the panel decision of Howard Edelman, Mark Irvings, and James Oldham. Oldham's ledger now moves to three team wins and one player win. Oldham is serving as one of the panel members for today's Anibal Sanchez - Miami Marlins hearing. For Edelman and Irvings, this was their initial baseball salary arbitration. They are obviously 1-0 for teams.

The Rays are now 6-0 since their first hearing with Esteban Yan in 2002. Tampa Bay defeated Josh Paul in 2006 and 2007. They added victories over Dioner Navarro and B.J. Upton in 2009 and 2010. The combined total of the team offers for the six players is $10,450,000. The combined total of the player requests is $13,090,000. Thus, the Rays have managed to save $2,640,000 or an average of $440,000 for the six cases.

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