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Monday, August 20, 2012
Fixing Sports Agent Law: Preliminary Thoughts, and My New Article

In February 2012, the Uniform Law Commission announced the creation of a Study Committee on Amending the Uniform Athlete Agents Act ("UAAA"). This announcement will likely lead to renewed debate about the proper role of sports agent law.

Today, I posted on the Social Science Research Network ("SSRN") the first draft of my new law review article: Disarming the Trojan Horse of the UAAA and SPARTA: How America Should Reform Sports Agent Laws to Conform with True Agency Principles.

In this article, I argue that the current version of the UAAA operates like a Trojan Horse. On the outside, it appears to provide athletes with legal protection against their agents. Yet, on the inside, it attacks the very autonomy and financial well-being that traditional agency law is intended to protect. I then argue for a number of reforms to sports agent law, including the following:
  • The expansion of the Uniform Athlete Agents Act to govern the relationship between professional athletes and their agents.
  • An increased emphasis on preventing conflicts of interest between athletes and their agents, both on the professional and amateur level.
  • The implementation of a private cause of action to allow athletes to bring suit directly against their agents under the UAAA.
  • The removal of language from the UAAA that grants NCAA member schools with a cause of action to sue their own student-athletes for failing to disclose agency contracts.
A full draft of my article is available for download here. Readers' thoughts and feedback are both welcome and appreciated.


It is great that you seek to protect athletes from those who would try to take advantage of them. The very ones they should be able to trust do them harm. Regulation is necessary. Great job! DP Evans

Blogger Dp Evans -- 10/23/2012 11:43 AM  

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